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Emergent Design tackles technical problems that some of our customers have thought are impossible in the past. Devising new ways to solve hard problems is fun - as is designing intuitive, elegant user experiences to transform solutions into products. Covering everything from software infrastructure, hardware interfacing, data flow, algorithm design, pixel-based image processing, machine learning, statistical analysis, UI design all the way to systems installation, OS maintenance, user support and regular servicing it’s fair to say that there is plenty of variety in our work!

With an ever-increasing number of systems being developed, installed and serviced across Europe and plans to expand into new markets in the near future now is a busy and exciting time for us. If you’re a talented, motivated person we’d love for you to join us. Although we work in a rather specialised area, a lot of the skills and knowledge required will be taught to you on the job: a keen interest, ability to learn, and good general skills in your field are more important to us.

We value collaboration, teamwork and a relaxed but professional attitude. Arbitrary hierarchies and solo “rockstar” programmers aren’t for us. We’re also keen on making sure everyone gets the time they need in the day for themselves - whether it’s working flexible hours around family life or making time to get out for a run during the working day to keep happy and healthy.

We currently operate on a work-from-home basis, but there’s the potential to shift to an office based or mixed working model depending upon personal preference.

If you think we’d be the perfect place for your next career step then please drop us a line with your CV. We’re interested in anyone who feels that this might be a good fit. We’re particularly keen to fill the vacancies listed below…

Graduate Developer

£25k - £30k | 4 days/week

This is a full time (4 day working week, or equivalent hours) job that would be suited to a recent graduate or someone with more experience looking to migrate from a different area of development. It’s a software-focused development role which will initially involve building a good understanding of our codebase before allowing you the chance to decide which areas you’d prefer to take ownership of. Although you’ll still be involved in other technical aspects of our work, this is a role for someone who wants to spend a good portion of their time coding, whether that’s developing user interfaces, writing image processing algorithms or working on code infrastructure. This is a position for someone who wants to focus on programming and technical problem solving.